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1. Design the Solution:

Following our detailed 360° analysis, we plan the irrigation system. Outputs from this step include detailed design maps along with a comprehensive plan of all irrigation system components and products to be installed. During this phase, we balance agronomic requirements with your hydraulic and budget requirements and evaluate the Total Cost of Ownership and ROI. In addition to the system design, we also provide a water budget and irrigation schedule tailored to your specific crop and field.

2. Financing:

We are experienced providing competitive credit and financing solutions for large hectare projects with attractive payment terms.

3. Logistics & Purchasing:

Our global footprint, which includes 16 manufacturing facilities around the world with the highest manufacturing standards in the irrigation industry, ensures market delivery flexibility and provides efficient distribution to meet tight deadlines while minimizing costs.

4. Installation & Ongoing Support:

Our certified technical team will install the system and provide you with hands on technical support and trainings as well as supervision.

5. Value Added Services:

We provide ongoing agronomic support for the first few years and real time crop monitoring and irrigation recommendations with Manna Irrigation Intelligence, our sensor-free, software-based solution.

“Monteferro” MMC - Qax 350ha

İndividual - Agsu 100ha

İndividual - Shabran 58ha